Why mock just one thing? We applaud submissions in more than one category. This allows filmmakers to show off just how creative they are at playfully jabbing anything and everything in pop culture.

Below are descriptions of each category for the first ever Sham Film Festival as well as length requirements and restrictions. By no means should these categories limit you and your creative genius. They are merely suggestions. If you have something that fits the theme of the festival, but not neatly into one of the categories below, submit it anyway!

We’re happy to show off your willingness to try something new.

Movie trailer (maximum length: 2:30)

How many times have you watched a new trailer and felt like you’ve seen it 100 times before? Sick of every Nicholas Sparks adaptation painted with the same generic brush? What about trailers for comedies that show every funny moment in the movie? That’s the worst!

Whether you want to shame a filmmaking style or mock a specific filmmaker, put your trailer-editing skills to the test and knock our socks off.

Mockumentary (length: 3-5 minutes [short], 5-10 minutes [long])

Is there a documentary topic you’re sick of seeing or one you think we should see? The short and long mockumentary category allows you to either make jabs at a specific documentary style or gives you the chance to create a “real” documentary on an obscure but important subject like the illegal mouse rodeos of rural Ghana.

in 60 seconds (maximum length: take a guess)

Think you can fit the entire plot of The Avengers into a 60-second mini-film? Or capture all the drama and romance of a whole season of The Bachelor in under a minute? Do it! This category is wide open. The only requirement is the work is less than 60 seconds from beginning to end.

Commercial/infomercial (maximum length: 1 minute [commercial], 3-5 minutes


We’re all sick of the “natural male enhancement” ads, right? What about the infomercials for products solving problems that don’t need a solution? Take on whatever gets under your skin about the world of advertising and submit it in either the Commercial or Infomercial category.

PSA (maximum length: 2-3 minutes)

Is there is a message you think is vitally important? Perhaps you want to demonstrate how to fight off Bigfoot in an attack. Or why D.A.R.E. encourages drug and alcohol use more than deters it. Maybe you want to educate us about the proper etiquette for a zombie outbreak.

Whatever your mission, please share it through the Public Service Announcement category.

Spoof (maximum length: under 5 minutes)

Feel free to parody anything and everything. Nothing is off limits! Reality TV Show (maximum length: 2-3 minutes [trailer], 3-5 minutes [miniepisode]) Got an idea for a great new reality TV show? Create a trailer or mini-episode to give a sense of its tone and the ridiculous antics that will inevitably take place.

Training/instruction video (maximum length: 5-7 minutes)

Is there a process, procedure, method or set of rules we need to know about? Maybe you’ve seen too many corporate sexual harassment videos from 1987. Put together a training or instructional video to walk us through what will surely be an exciting adventure.

Music video (maximum length: 4 minutes)

Whether it’s a video for a hot new band you’ve “discovered” or what you think an actual artist’s video should consist of, the Music Video category gives you carte blanche on however you want to express your musical talents.