The 2014 Sham Film Festival Program

Our inaugural festival consists of some of the funniest, most creative short films from filmmakers in St. Louis and around the world. Please purchase your tickets through Brown Paper Tickets so you can enjoy the hilarious work our filmmakers have produced.


Unlucky in Love (dir. Andy Rhodes), mockumentary

Big Honey (dir. Kris Pathirana), faux investigative journalism

One Month Later (dir. Ryan Weaver), fake movie trailer

The Perfect Lover (dir. Mark Jackson), TV commercial parody

ETO 1953 (dir. Matt Mirams), training video

The Real Truth Behind the Real True Story: Donnie Miller (dir. Mike Piccirillo), mockumentary

CA$H4GOLD (dir. Michael Hayes), TV commercial parody

Little Man of Steel (dir. Larry Ziegelman), spoof

The Bathroom Attendant (dir. Eric Bissell), reality TV parody

Good Cop, Cat Cop (dir. Scott Pinkston), TV parody

The Bad Dudez (dir. Dustin Burton), fake movie trailer

60 and Pregnant (dir. Mragendra Singh), TV parody

Helen Killer (dir. Jordan Orlando), fake movie trailer

Devil’s Couriers (dir. Kovar McClure¬† & Winston A. Abalos), TV parody

The Screamer (dir. Deva Dalporto), TV commercial parody